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Hogart sp z o. o. Earns First Review on Clutch

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Since 1992, Hogart has been a trusted IT partner for businesses around the world. We’ve worked with Fortune 500 companies like Oracle and IBM and also provided our own development. We are

  • Technology Integrator (thanks to HOGART DATA TRANSFORMATION PLATFORM)
  • Software House with solutions for SAP, Oracle, INFOR, IFS, JD EDWARDS, MICROSOFT and others
  • ERP advanced partner (INFOR, ORACLE)
  • BI specialists (IBM, TABLEAU, MICROSOFT, QLIK)

As a result of our time-tested service, we’ve earned our first reviews on Clutch, a leading market research platform.

As technology has shifted, we’ve continued to adapt and keep up with new trends. Our experienced team is constantly finding new methods and resources to tackle pressing business needs. That effort has been rewarded by our customers, who’ve taken the time to leave us feedback on Clutch. A Washington DC-based company, Clutch uses verified client feedback to create rankings for B2B companies. Their team aims to make B2B sourcing much easier through an exhaustive database of reviews.

In our first review featured on Clutch, we developed software and XML-based data tools for a real estate company. Our team was praised for its ability to streamline the process and work on short deadlines. We also worked effectively despite multiple changes due to government regulation changes.


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