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Hogart sp. z o.o. participates in the Polish Technological Bridges Project

Hogart sp. z o.o. participates in the Polish Technological Bridges Project (Polskie Mosty Technologiczne – PMT) co-financed from the European Regional Development Fund, under Priority Axis III Innovation support in enterprises, Operation number: 3.3. Promotion support and internationalization of innovative enterprises of the Intelligent Development Operational Program 2014-2020. PMT will be implemented in 2018-2023.

European Funds

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Obligation to check counterparty's bank account

The Ministry of Finance has announced the obligation to verify the bank account numbers before sending the transfer. Transfers should be made to the bank accounts listed in the MF list. Payment for another account is obviously possible but should result in certain tax consequences. Purchases made on such non-registered bank account will not be counted towards the tax costs in PIT and CIT, and most importantly the purchaser will be jointly and severally liable for the possible tax arrears in the supplier's VAT. This is to cover expenditure of more than 15,000 euro. zł. Continue reading “Obligation to check counterparty's bank account”

A new kind of entity reporting to ZSMOPL

The draft amendment on pharmaceutical Law (22.11.2017 version) plans to introduce an obligation of reporting to ZSMOPL by entities authorised for parallel imports: 21a after paragraph 1. 9a The following paragraph shall be added: 9b is added as follows: "9b. The holder of the parallel import shall transmit to the integrated Monitoring system the marketing of medicinal products information on: (1) Any disposal of the medicinal product of an economic operator established in the Pharmacy, Hospital Pharmacy, inpatient department or treatment facility, 2) the stocks of medicinal products, 3) the planned deliveries of medicinal products intended for disposal on The territory of the Republic of Poland, indicating the number of prepackages, in respect of medicinal products complying with the criteria referred to in article 1 (2). The data referred to in article 72b. 72a paragraph 1. 2, point 1 (b) A – E and points 2 to 4.

ZSMOPL Service Interval

Communication from the Centre for Information Systems on health protection (CSIOZ): "We inform you that the integrated Monitoring system for the marketing of medicinal products continues to be interrupted. ZSMOPL production and evaluation environment is not available. At the end of the break we will inform the users of a separate message. We apologize for the inconvenience. "