Hogart White List

The HOGART WHITE LIST program for VAT payer verification

The program automatically checks contractors to see if they are registered on the White List of VAT payers. The application automates the batch process of vendor checking not only in National Tax Administration, but also verification in VIES and KRS, CEIDG, etc. databases. The system informs about the current or historical statuses of taxpayers from our databases. Verification activities are made based on a user-defined schedule and all verification results are sent to the e-mail addresses defined within the application setup.

Biała lista VAT
biała lista VAT

What is the White List of VAT payers?

The White List of taxpayers is a database containing information about VAT payers. It is kept by the head of the National Tax Administration in an electronic form and updated every business day. It contains information from registers regarding the statuses of VAT taxpayers and other relevant information concerning companies’ activities. Each VAT taxpayer must check whether the counterparty is whitelisted before making a payment. Failure to do so involves sanctions for the taxpayer.

Automatic verification of a taxpayer on the VAT White List

Manual verification of each contractor before making a transaction would be time-consuming and burdensome. Therefore, it is necessary to integrate the company’s financial and accounting system with the Ministry of Finance’s White List database.

In 2017, we prepared the first program for VAT tax payer checking, called Hogart Active Tax Payers. This program addressed the Ministry of Finance’s requirements in the area announced in 2017. Over the past two years, we have developed our program with a number of additional functionalities, which is why we are now launching Hogart White List. Our program is extremely rich in additional functionalities compared to lots of other solutions present on the market.

HOGART WHITE LIST covers not only National Tax Administration database checks, but also includes additional databases available on the market such as KRS, CEIDG, and VIES. The system can be easily integrated with any ERP system.


Functionalities of the HOGART WHITE LIST

Automatic verification


VIES database check included

obsługa active directory

Active directory login integration support


Verification on historical dates

przeglądanie, sortowanie, filtrowanie

Sorting, filtering, and grouping of results

pełny log procesów (audit trial)

Full process log

bez ingerencji w ERP lub bazę danych

Integration with any ERP

Wsparcie powdrożeniowe

Current status message

alerty na maile

Email alerts

See the screenshots of the program